Affinity photo tutorial – text face effect

Photo manipulation tutorial – Planet portal effect

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a wallpaper of a world that is going through a portal.

Image size:

Affinity Photo Tutorial – Zipper wallpaper

In this tutorial I will show you how to mix two images together with a zipper effect.

The resolution: 1920×1080

All images come from pixabay.

How to make a neon text effect on a wall.

Affinity photo manipulation tutorial – The wolf

This weeks tutorial is one day early because I will be busy tommorow.
The resulution of the wallpaper is: 1920×1080

I somehow lost the links to the images I used… I will try to find them and post them with the video on the website… If you see an image that’s your’s please comment I will add the link. 


Pixabay is a free stockphoto website you can go there by clicking here

Affinity photo minipulation tutorial – The floating rocks


Photo manipulation tutorial – outer space wallpaper

Affinity photo bonus tutorial

photo manipulation tutorial – The path of life